Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Drake "Started from the bottom" and Cheef Keif "Love Sosa

In Drake's new song "Started from the bottom",he talks about how people say he never struggled.And a line that I like because it's true . "Don't have a fake friend where your friends at". I'm replacing a word so I know the first part is not what he's saying. One of the things that I like about Drake is that he always keeps it real with his past and where he's from.

Another I also have been listening to alot is Love Sosa by Cheef Keif. It has a very good beat to it and it gets me hyped up. On that note Cheef Keif was sentenced to 60 days in prison. Scheduled in April I
 think I saw some tour dates but I'm not sure. The people who love you sosa can't wait till you get out.

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